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Cordova Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer

A tax fraud investigation could lead to substantial penalties even if your error were made without any fraudulent intent. And if the discrepancy in your tax return or your failure to file was found to be deliberate, you might face a tax evasion charge that can lead to imprisonment plus hefty fines and penalties.

Cordova Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer tax fraud segment block 300x199 1The moment you know you’re under investigation, immediately work with a Cordova tax fraud defense lawyer at Defense Tax Partners!

We are well-versed in both federal and state tax laws. We can handle and defend your case, whether it is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the South Carolina Department of Revenue leading the investigation. We will employ a defense strategy tailored to your specific case.

Tax fraud is a serious violation. Work with our expert defense lawyer and mitigate your penalties as much as possible!

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Why Hire a Tax Fraud Defense Attorney

Much like any other legal matter, a tax fraud accusation is best handled with an experienced lawyer. That way, you wouldn’t miss any important evidence that you didn’t intentionally falsify your tax return as an act of fraud against the IRS.

Cordova Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer criminal tax segment block 300x199 1Our Cordova tax fraud defense lawyer will help you prepare all your financial records. This is our way of knowing ahead of time if the IRS can find any indicator of tax fraud or if you don’t have anything to worry about at all. If there are, we will tell you what are your possible penalties and help mitigate them as much as we can.

Included in the “badges” or indicators of tax fraud that the IRS will look for are:

  • Understatement of income
  • Failure to file tax returns
  • Inadequate or unorganized records
  • Concealment of assets
  • Improbable or inconsistent reasons for behavior
  • Inability to explain a significant increase in net worth over the years
  • Cash transactions
  • Concealment of receipt sources
  • Overstated deductions
  • Reporting trust fund loans as expenses or deductions
  • Falsifying receipts to donors by exempt organizations
  • Involvement in illegal activities

Moreover, the best thing about hiring a tax fraud defense lawyer is being able to utilize the most appropriate defense for your specific case. Some of our most commonly used defenses are:

1. Insufficient evidence – We can establish that there is not enough evidence that could prove your tax violation is an act of fraud.

2. Entrapment – We can help you prove that a government agent did something that has somehow forced you into committing the violation.

3. Unintentional mistake – We will prove that your non-filing of tax return, failure to pay, or submission of an erroneous tax return is a product of a genuine mistake.

4. Statute of limitations – This defense is used if the statute of limitation to file a tax evasion charge is already up.

There are other options through which we can defend your case. Call Defense Tax Partners now so we can assess your situation as early as possible.

Your Cordova Tax Fraud Defense Attorneys

There is no legal issue that won’t be stressful to go through, especially if it deals with an alleged tax violation against you. So, if you want to ensure that you are effectively defended without having to disrupt most of your normal daily activities, allow our Cordova tax fraud defense lawyer to help you.

Cordova Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer Depositphotos 22872930 original 1024x683 1 300x200We have already defended numerous taxpayers accused of fraud or tax evasion. There is practically no type of situation that can be too complicated for us at this point. We will evaluate the facts of your case, discuss all the possibilities with you, and utilize the best defense strategy that could minimize your penalty or dismiss your charge.

If you want a law firm that genuinely cares for your financial freedom, Defense Tax Partners is the place to go. We will deal with your tax fraud accusation and assist you in all other tax-related concerns that you will have.

With us, you can altogether reduce the toll your tax liabilities have on you!

Let’s Talk – Compassionate Legal Advice

Cordova Tax Fraud Defense Lawyer defense tax partners logo 300x65The IRS is highly resilient in pursuing taxpayers with outstanding liabilities. If you don’t want to suffer severe penalties from a tax fraud charge, work with an expert lawyer as early as you can.

As soon as you know that an investigation is underway, properly prepare your defense with our team immediately.

Call Defense Tax Partners now at (803) 258-6729 for your Free Consultation with a Cordova Tax Fraud Defense lawyer!