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Nichols Tax Debt Attorney

Defense Tax Partners has been trusted by countless taxpayers to help resolve their tax debts. We have handled different types of cases and, regardless of how complex yours may seem, we’re confident that we can help you settle your tax debts as well.

florida tax attorneyDepending on your current financial status and earning potential, our Nichols tax debt attorney will help you utilize the best way to satisfy your outstanding tax liabilities. We will mitigate your penalties as much as possible and keep the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from seizing your properties.

Remember that the IRS has ten years from their assessment to collect your tax debts. If you don’t pay up as soon as you can, that’s enough time to incur heavy penalties and even drive you into bankruptcy.

Look for a solution early on. Work with an expert tax debt attorney and start regaining your financial stability today!

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Methods for Tax Debt Relief

The IRS, as well as the South Carolina Department of Revenue, wants to get every dollar that they’re due, and they won’t hesitate to be aggressive in their collection methods. However, they also recognize that there are circumstances where paying your debts in full is not financially possible, hence the tax debt relief programs.

Through these programs, you can assure the IRS that you will pay off your debts, whether through installments or by letting them compromise with an amount lower than what you truly owe.

Here are some of the methods through which you can have tax debt relief:

“Currently Not Collectible” Status

If your account is under the currently not collectible (CNC) status, the IRS would momentarily stop their collection of your tax debts. However, the penalties and interests of your debts will still accrue continuously.

The CNC status is only awarded to people who have no current income nor assets to pay the IRS. And after you get approved for the CNC, you will be regularly assessed to ensure that your financial capacity is still eligible for the status.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Even though this option can hurt your credit score and limit your financial ventures in the future, filing for bankruptcy effectively eliminates your tax debts. You can wipe out all or part of your tax debts—it depends if they are considered dischargeable debts—through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Another option is to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy which could cut down your penalty and give you a repayment plan. Usually, this plan lasts between three to five years.

Innocent Spouse Relief

This relief is for those looking to avoid paying the debts, penalties, and interests incurred from the joint tax return they filed with their spouse or ex-spouse. This will be granted to you if you prove that any liability-causing error was done by your spouse or ex-spouse without your knowledge—something our lawyers can help you with.

Our Nichols tax debt attorney can also look into other relief options for joint filers, such as the separation of liability relief and equitable tax relief.

Installment Plans

This is one of the most utilized tax debt relief methods and one of the most approved by the IRS as well. Installment plans will allow you to pay back your debts through reasonable monthly installments over the course of six years at most.

“Offer in Compromise” Program

Applying for an offer in compromise is the last option for people with no income or assets that the IRS deems worthy to be levied as tax debt payments. This means that you don’t have the capacity to pay through installments even if the IRS would momentarily award you with a CNC status.

If the IRS accepts your offer in compromise, you will be able to settle your debt by only paying an amount less than your actual outstanding liability. Some were even able to settle with less than 20% of their debts. However, your offer should also be reasonable compared to your total tax debts and earning potential.

IRS Tax Debt Attorney

Each relief option has a specific set of eligibility requirements and standard procedures for approval. At times, these procedures can be more stressful than what you originally think since you have to prove that your circumstances make you qualified for the relief.

tax settlement and tax levyOur Nichols tax debt attorney can help make the process easier for you. All the necessary paperwork will be prepared and organized by our lawyer, and we will also represent you during every appointment. As much as possible, we will also limit the interaction you have with the IRS yourself—saving you from unnecessary stress and giving you more time for more important tasks (e.g., working to earn for your tax debt payments).

Additionally, we also offer our legal services beyond tax debt settlement. Other tax-related issues that we handle include:

1. Tax Preparation
2. Passport Reinstatement
3. Tax Resolution
4. Tax Lien Removal
5. Bank Levy Removal
6. Audit Representation
7. Wage Garnishment Removal

Defense Tax Partners is highly experienced in dealing with both federal and state tax authorities. We can answer all your queries and give you world-class legal service as we help you resolve any tax-related dispute.

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As soon as you can, find ways to satisfy all your tax liabilities to the IRS or the South Carolina DOR. Do not wait until your tax debt penalties become unbearable or until you have no choice but to see your properties being taken away.

Make better decisions towards your financial stability. Resolve your tax debts with our expert tax attorneys today!

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