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Lake City IRS Audit Defense

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can randomly audit your account if their system catches any type of discrepancy. And although you might feel that you have nothing to worry about since you didn’t intentionally cheat on your return, working with a Lake City, SC IRS audit defense attorney will be best.

audit defense and tax fraud attorneyDefense Tax Partners has dealt with countless audits over the years, enabling us to help you prepare as thoroughly as possible.

Our lawyers will gather all proof of tax deductions, expenses, and credits that will verify the accuracy of your tax return. If, however, there is an actual error, we can also mitigate your penalties to the minimum.

Remember, the IRS can impose penalties, even just because of honest mistakes on your data entry. Work with an expert attorney and make the entire auditing process the least stressful it can be.

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What is an IRS Tax Audit?

The IRS conducts regular, random audits to ensure that they are getting paid the right amount of taxes. And although being audited is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be stressful and tedious even for those who didn’t commit fraud. And if you did, hefty fines and even jail time can be your criminal penalties.

tax settlement and tax levyWhen the IRS conducts a tax audit, the process is mostly triggered by either of the following reasons:

1. Clerical errors (i.e., data entry errors)
2. Unreported income
3. Disproportionate or unusually high deductions (e.g., charitable donations, business expenses, home office deductions)
4. Non-existent dependants
5. Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
6. Self-employment with excessive reported losses

There are also some other reasons that the IRS chose to audit you. Depending on the severity of the reason, the auditing process can be done through either of the following methods:

Correspondence audit – If your case is not at all complicated, this method will be used. All communication will be done through the mail, requiring you to send documents for the IRS to cross-reference your information with the records they have from your stockbrokers, employers, lenders, etc.

Office audits – If mail is not enough to resolve the issue, an IRS agent will set a meeting with you in one of their local offices. Our audit defense lawyers will not only help you prepare the paperwork for this auditing process, but we will also represent you during the meeting.

Field examinations – For critical cases, the IRS would opt for an in-person review of your financial records within your own home or business. Field examinations are the most meticulous and comprehensive of all the auditing methods and are primarily done by a highly experienced IRS agent.

No matter what method the IRS will use for their tax audit, you can trust our Lake City IRS audit defense attorney to handle all the preparations and represent you in every appointment with the IRS.

Tax Audit Defense

Even though you feel confident that no fraudulent activity will be found by the IRS, your genuine mistake on data entry can already cost you some penalty. Regardless of the specific discrepancy that caused the IRS to audit your account, it always pays to have an expert help you prepare.

florida tax attorneyDefense Tax Partners will help you organize financial records that could support all your submitted data, proving that all the deductions and credits are valid even if the systems flagged them as disproportionate at first. We will help secure that your audit results will not increase your tax liability. Perhaps, we can even get you a tax refund.

However, if errors are found and civil penalties are imposed, our lawyers can negotiate the minimum penalty. Whether your error is from a genuine mistake or an act of fraud, we can still defend you and mitigate the consequences.

Additionally, if you believe that the audit results are unfair, we can also file an appeal to contest them.

Tax Audit Legal Support

Our Lake City IRS audit defense lawyer can assist you in every legal way necessary. We will tailor our service to cater to your specific needs, protecting your rights as a taxpayer and helping keep your financial stability at the same time.

Tax AttorneysOnce you receive a notice for a tax audit, contact Defense Tax Partners immediately. We will guide you on what will happen next in the audit process and make it the least stressful as possible for you. More importantly, our legal service goes beyond helping you prepare for a tax audit.

We can also help in resolving all other tax-related issues, like the following:
1. Passport Reinstatement
2. Tax Lien Removal
3. Innocent Spouse
4. Audit Representation
5. Tax Preparation
6. Penalty Abatement
7. Tax Resolution
8. Offer in Compromise
9. Wage Garnishment Removal
10. Bank Levy Removal

Whether you need legal assistance or representation for a federal or state tax dispute, Defense Tax Partners is one of the most experienced and highly acclaimed law firms to work with.

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Whether or not you intentionally filed a fraudulent return, letting an audit expert defend you can save you from the maximum penalty you might have to pay. Preparedness is the key to a smooth auditing process that yields a favorable result.

Once you receive the notice for audit, ask for assistance from an audit defense lawyer immediately.

Call Defense Tax Partners at (803) 258-6729 for your Free Consultation with a Lake City IRS Audit Defense attorney!